Thank you America

Do you ever stop and think


I’m really good at making

terrible decisions

internal derision sets in

and you wonder

what the hell you’re doing


and you become known

the one with all the anecdotes


receiving shocked laughter

and eye rolls

‘you’re the best

but such a mess’



me too


at times like these

I find my struggle eased

by looking to

the land of the Free




I am talking

of thee


thank you America

for making me feel

so much better

about where my life’s at

because I might be unemployed

and maybe had shit sex

with my housemate man

but at least

I didn’t vote for that

sexist racist wasteman


I made a straight mistake

but that was my choice

to make

just like those

you take and take

from so many across

your states


I might poor toxins in

with little regard

to what I’m doing

but your obese policies

and disregard

for your population

of extremes

makes me feel fine

about what I do

to me

your dream

so ugly

makes me


the treatment of

your most vulnerable

so awful

I’m thoughtful

in comparison


thank you for voting

Donald Trump

his saggy arse

makes me appreciate

the junk

in my trunk

and I was so terrified

as his polls started to


that I dared to kiss

a girl

I liked

and got laid

all night


so thank you



my sanity may be

a mystery

but where I make anecdotes

you are making

your history




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