Tommy, I love you

I can’t stop thinking about you Tommy

and how you were taken from me



from us

but I just needed to rhyme some stuff

and I thought that would’ve made you



I’ve been thinking about you all day

for ages

and even at this late stage

I have no idea

what to say


how to start


I was meant to write about you on this train

but instead I cried about you

on that train

you and your brain

simple existence causing you

all that pain

that none of us could



You with your stomach

still ulcered and torn

struggled out to Soho

to see me perform


and I’m obsessed with that picture

from years before


hoping it can offer some more

more of you

more things to do


but your eyes

that light from your eyes

is something that will never die

just like the light you brought

into my life


my guy

the best guy


I will think forever

how could I have made you

less sad


could I even have?


I want to hold your hand


hear your laugh one more time

trip with you

chat shit with you

I want to hug you

and know you

know how much

I loved you


LOVE you


The funniest bit

is knowing if you’d been

here for it

you would be so embarrassed

that we mourn for you

insisting that it’s

not that bad

‘c’mon guys

don’t be so sad’

because that was

just you man


you will be an absence

forever in my heart


life too



I love you


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