A poem about Me and My Mate Michael [neverending, this poem will live as long as our friendship]

In the picturesque, peaceful

rested setting of NW London

Spaced out and wasted outside the station

in a situation so blatant


Pissing in between two cars

I couldn’t help but give this poem  a start

as I pondered this love of ours and how we’ve come this far

from fresh-faced in Miss Parker’s maths class and school shows to mad cunts and festivals: dsh dsh doing large

All with permanent stomach cramps from 7 years of fucking laughs


This summer came, running away from the same pain

from the same mistakes

we find each other in the same places with new catchphrases

mad cunts in the corner of the pub

Arms raised

Unfazed I cut short that date to come home and see your face

You are my safe space

My base


Traces of you in everything I am and everything I do

It’s all too much we’ve been through and honestly I can’t say better than this

I’m so fucking glad you exist.


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