Forget It

Remember this

Abject dejection in your own sickening reflection as you fire back comic deflections to someone’s genuine affection.

Be afraid of the genuine because it’s a circle you aren’t in

Writing of love and positivity, while still longing to be thin, to be in a world that rejected you 

That to be accepted by you claim you never wanted to


Anyway how many ways can you throw it all away

Every compliment

Every gaze 

Every shred of evidence it was in that place you should’ve stayed 

Wait with baited breath for them all to find out the rest

So well hidden

Parts of you so starkly forbidden from expression in a desperate attempt to impress them 

They will know you and after all this time

Forget you

Go through life as your show 

All the world’s a stage and everything you say just like lines from a play

Stay quiet

Can’t lie if you don’t 

Try it

Can’t write shit if

You don’t try shit 

How many times are you gonna rhyme shit?

Ah, fucking forget it.


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