‘Leaving tomorrow’ drunk

I will wait until I’m drunk enough to hold eye contact

Like I long to hold your hand

I sound like a cunt and I guess I am


Next drink I’ll be ready to tell you all I didn’t have time to say

And kiss those lips

I’ve been trying not to stare at all day

I can’t help but think this is lucky
It only took one day for you to touch me

And this happened too late for me to

Fuck it 

Don’t contemplate what could’ve been 

Just hold my hand and shut up

I don’t care who sees

Because I’m leaving tomorrow drunk 


2 thoughts on “‘Leaving tomorrow’ drunk

  1. Hi Rosie,
    Came across some of your stuff in BrightOnline and absolutely love it.
    We’re putting out a Brighton-based lit mag of our own and would love to feature some of your stuff.
    If interested, let me know (roy.th[at]drinkingtraveller.com) and I can send over some more info.

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