Silent mind

breathe deep

ideas seep

through quiet times

clammy hands

clench and stick

cracking plastic

on my broken

brittle bic

the mind shouts

every notion crying out

to be noticed

you know there’s

something to this






clouded conscious

haunted with boxes

of creative options

steadfastly locked-in

at the brink

of my ability

I hate it

my voice debilitated

I’m giving up

on all this time wasted

take a walk

listen to others talk

close your eyes at the road’s fork



lift derailed processes

back on track

look up

see the sky

saturated in the sun’s light

someone’s smile

or word’s you’d been

searching for all this while

and a spark of an idea

ignites somewhere inside

with thoughts as kindling

it bursts alight

as my soul climbs higher

leaving my body here

scribbling myself

away from fear

it doesn’t take much to inspire

but it takes plenty more

to keep feeding that fire


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