A Poem

coffee can’t erase the taste of you from my tongue

I’m smoking away

the little bits of you I inhaled

into each lung

I’m rubbing my eyes

but it won’t rid the image of you

from my mind

we had fun

but it’s done

I reach for the bottle of bleach

and find with ease I pour it into my ears

to cleanse my brain and bring this obsession

to an end

knees buckle

legs bend

you might’ve been

just a dream

or words on a screen

but you loved me

locked in your arms I was

first set free

wrapped in your legs

everything unravelled from

my head

I stopped biting my lips

you took over that instead

my teeth found your hips

in your unmade bed

soft skin like warm sun

you were beautiful

I was a fool

you slipped from my fingers

and I came undone

subtle smudges of make-up

on my pillow

make it impossible to wake up

I begged it to be real

but I’m still caught in your dream

tears stream

I don’t stand anymore

just lean

fighting the floor as if it’s magnetic

masked smile cracking

my heart sagging and pathetic

you were a lone spike in

an EKG of silence

the subtle sweetness in dark chocolate

the way in which

those tiny little flicks

framed your eyes

and fucked with my lies

and made my heart skip

as my pupils would dilate

to absorb all of your face

someone told me happiness can be found in the darkest places

well I found mine in yours

your body was a land of perfect spaces

I had only just begun to explore

and then you left

and I’m erasing the traces


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