Poetry Was, to Poetry Is, to Poetry will Always Be

poetry was

a necessity

it never was the best of me

it was afraid to admit

that I felt like I didn’t fit

it was panic on the precipice of nothing

it was the words I couldn’t say

it was the only thing I put my trust in – proof that I was something

when I couldn’t run away

poetry is


a place where

I’m free from

my head

where I can exist calm


it’s communicating

through time I thought I was


it’s knowing that I’m not alone

it’s feeling something like home

it’s I’m not good enough

sitting on a train

reminiscing on old pains

and fighting through

all that seems to rough

find strength I must

it’s finding a place I can call us

it’s brought me community


disregarding formality

and discussing mortality

I won’t be beaten

nor shall we

it can be

the best of me

or something like that

one thing poetry will always be:

bearing my soul

and hoping you forgive me


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