Fear of the young.

I was set a challenge by my friend to use Greek Mythology to inspire a poem. I read the creation myth and this is what happened.

Why are you so afraid of the young?

Always complaining all they do is have fun

but when they begin to perceive and form opinions

you ain’t having none

You fear being replaced

someone encroaching on your space

growing up to take your place

and you leaving without a trace

but you’ve got to do the best with your lot

you know it’s all you got

the cycle spins the youth outgrow old

we all know that’s how it goes

you need to cultivate a new age of young folk

focussed on hope

by passing on what you know

not to discriminate based on race



or the structure of your brain

for now you can’t fuck with the young and expect them not to fuck you back

‘there’s no respect from youngsters nowadays’

when all you do is take their freedoms away

just like Uranus lord of the sky

overcome with pride

and determined passions ablaze like fire

barricaded the womb of Gaia

and led the mother of earth to conspire

and in his own son inspire yet more fear of youngers

and infected Cronus with such paranoia

that he exacerbated the hate

and so afraid of being replaced

as his children were born

one-by-one he ate

yet took it so personally when by them he was betrayed

respect isn’t automatically gained by numerical age

it’s acquired through the mark you make on our finite spherical plane

life is a cycle and recycle of energy

you get what you give and that’s the only way to live

be not afraid of death

just look at Jesus



they all live on in the people they met

and the things they said

we’re meant to die to experience being alive

and if time didn’t run by

we’d never run anywhere

so don’t let your life flit by in despair

of growing old

make sure you did something bold

give a reason for your story to be told

share the ideas

that got you here

find in that all the world’s treasure

and in that you’ll live forever.


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