An Open Letter to Oceana Watford

Alasdair's Blog

Dear Mr O’Reilly (manager, Oceana Watford),

I am emailing to enquire as to what Oceana Watford’s dress code is? I gather from the vague description on your website that you operate a ‘fairly relaxed dress code policy’ and that ‘if you’re old enough, look the part and act the right way then you’ll be welcomed into the club.’

I would like to know, therefore, why the colour of someone’s skin can categorise them, by your definition, as not ‘acting the right way’ or ‘looking the part’ to be ‘welcomed into your club.’

A group of 6 gentlemen in the queue last night (15/09/2014), all of whom were better dressed than myself (chukka boots, smart shirts, jeans), perfectly sober and being extremely polite and well reasoned with your door staff were turned away on grounds of poor dress,  whilst I was allowed in wearing merely a T – Shirt and jeans…

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