The first thing I’ve written in a while

I’m not sure what this is or why it happened, but I’m glad it did.


I thought


inside my mind

as the old me fought

out the homemade fort

but it was only short



inkling of hope

stuck in my throat




that bench

life and death


waving trees

words freed

grey cloud pushed

that man in that bush


walked and talked in circles

as through space we hurtle


incoherent open mics

as we approached the night

for a second

I saw the light 


as out the pit I climbed

only to tumble down

and wind

it’s just a fault of design


so I lay awake tonight

and try to find

this rhyme

to show

what you already know

letting something grow

as drink flows

to ease the hurt

long live the introverts

and fuck you

tiny birds


conversations worst


I see

thank god for

type B



talk to me

there’s something I need

to be


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