‘The Youth of Today’ [Arthur Rewrite]

I’ve been meaning to use the ‘Arthur’ theme song in a poem for ages, but my creative flow has been a bit constipated recently. And then Chance The Rapper did a really beautiful version and I thought I better get mine done, so I mashed it up with another piece I’ve been trying to finish for ages. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but here it is..!

‘Everyday when you’re walking down the street

everybody that you meet

has an original point of view’

that’s true

‘but if you listen to your heart

listen to the rhythm’

like feet that drum rush hour streets

the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe

‘open up your eyes

open up your ears’

and you’ll find all our hearts beat the same here

‘it’s a simple message

and it comes from the heart’

we need to shift the rifts

as we drift apart

as society sleeps

behind #teams

and screen dreams

impossible to achieve

just a glimmer on the page of a magazine

in a

fantastic world of plastic

everything you want

to backdrop of financial crashes

all we see are ripples

too shallow for splashes

and the price of life keeps rising

‘til all your world is what cash is

with hungry babies crying

people dying

politicians whining,

pointing fingers and lying

lost time in

chaotic minds from

straight lines

that led astray

institutionalised by age old lies

escape in reckless ingestion

bending perception

with tenuous tendencies

for chemical remedies

slurping despair

and burping up cares

start slippin’ and sigh ‘screw the system’

light another doob

find needless reasons to cleave and argue

all the things you wanted them to

jaded generation lost youth

in a world that

‘it’s a wonderful kind of day’

when someone smiles at you on the train

raises the question

‘can we [actually] get together

and make things better

by working together?’

as the long arm of island law holding the truth at bay

begins to break

‘can we learn to work and play

and get along with each other?’

but with forgotten wars waged

always kept so distant

and as hope begins to fade

the voice inside gets insistent


I get we’re all different,


but is it really worth all this?


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