Disclaimer [unfinished]

Yet another working in progress. And again, something I’ve been meaning to write for ages, but haven’t had the words. I haven’t had a late night surge in inspiration in a while either.

I’m not very good at meeting people

I get stuck in my head

and before anything is said

get lost in an existential crisis


conversing and the rules thereof

imply a two-sided exchange

of information

between two people





one person


talking to






to start with

I’d hate to mislead anyone

into thinking

I’m a real person





fractured parts

of everyone from my past


more like

the universe and all it contradicts

wrapped in skin

every expanding cosmic mess

all caged within my chest

but I digress


the universe is too big for small talk

I don’t want to know what friends on facebook you’re keeping

or what side on tinder you’re sweeping

I want to know what keeps you from sleeping

like do you lay awake at night

wondering what the hell is up with life?


do you notice it’s weird that we just say things

abuse words like play things

waste taste in search of ratings

we sit around discussing topical themes

but can we just appreciate please

we’re all made of dying stars

inhabiting this planet of ours

with little to no answer thus far


confirming reality

through perceived causality

defining by touch


even that is an atom apart

this whole science thing is going too far

as my brain goes bust

it’s something I’d really like to discuss




basically I don’t know who I am

or what’s going on

and somehow I’m here

attempting a verbal version

of me as a person

I’m not even sure exists yet


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