A work in progress

This is something I found in an old notebook. I’m going to use all the bits but in different pieces, I think. I just like the way it came together.


The end of the year approaches, everything starts to die,

the flowing oscillations of summer now frozen in time


wrapped tightly in my duvet,

I think back on what we used to say

all that hasn’t been washed away


because I miss you and being certain I knew everything

you were too


I step outside and breath deeply

the cold air hits my lungs and

drags me from sleepy


you see it’s thinking that makes me so tired

but it’s

thinking that keeps me so wired

and it’s killing me

so I take a seat

on the cold hard edge of the street.


I am the universe and all it contradicts

wrapped in skin.

Every expanding cosmic mess

all caged within my chest

and honestly I’m just trying to express


I can’t find the words and I don’t want them

in how many different ways can I try and explain

I was wrong and you were right

I just miss the warmth of you at night


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