Summer Soundtrack

I wrote this for a collection of stories about memories of summers and their soundtracks. Check out the others here.

Freedom from exams and essays the air pregnant with possibility. The summer makes it easier to break the law. Sipping on a bench until late at night isn’t such a chore when the nights are this warm.

We downed our parent’s booze in anticipation of growing up. Shared glances and gripped chances, told, as we got old we’d never see these days again.


This was the summer of fear, of wondering what we’d leave behind here.


Heat for just harems and a t-shirt at 7am. Too much drive but not enough direction. Silence seeped the streets, as the town lay asleep. We shouted just to hear the echo, to know that we were alone. The only time we ever knew control.

Seagulls flapped like my new haircut in the morning breeze.

This was the summer after I’d made the biggest mistake of my life, so far. I consumed chemicals like there was no tomorrow, because I was secretly hoping there wouldn’t be one.

But there was and it was beautiful. Next to a friend, we danced in a park we wished we’d seen as kids. We walked and she let me talk, though with minds like sieves I’m not sure we covered anything – so I started to sing.

There’s something about the sun sat in a clear blue sky that always stops me trying to hide, that hints at something better to come. Something like a reason not to run.


This was the summer of hope and discovering reasons not to go.


Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap


Jamie T – Spider’s Web


Alt-J – MS


Andrew Bird – Tenuousness (Live at The Basement)


Natty – Stoned on You




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