An Ode to the Pizza Delivery Guy

I don’t even know your name

but I don’t need to.

I whispered my wish through

miles of static

and you made it come true.

There’s been something missing

a space nothing seems to fit in

fuck, I love you.

I know it’s 2,

I can’t stop checking the time

as I wait

and the neglected beats brays

with infected rage as it lays waste to the

walls of it’s organic cage.

I got your message,

you’re on your way

I’ll be waiting, to miss it would be

a shame

a costly mistake.

are you ever gonna make it?

It’s like I’ve spent my whole life waitin’

if anything happened…

I just couldn’t face it

an opportunity wasted.

Desire burns in my throat

like loins in pornographic prose

then the doorbell goes

run to open

as the smoke billows

and my face glows

I’m complete and it shows,

I want to say something

but can’t even try

I can never thank you enough

dear, pizza delivery guy.


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