Real [very, very unfinished]

[Finished for the year now and so I can finally start finishing all these poems !]

Blemished asymmetric faces

crooked teeth despite years of braces

stray hairs in eyebrows sticking up

putting on a deeper voice when

picking up


bumps in noses from childhood spills

the awkward kinks genetics instill


snorting into laugh lines

scars telling tales of past times


eyes with mascara clumps that

glide-by in gooey lumps as

liquid pumps and makes

made-faces run


patchy hairs on chests

that puberty insets

and jiggly bits that

Gok couldn’t fix

the way you can’t help but shout

all about your chat up tricks


ears with outreach like dumbo

you seem to have fun though

laughing at your own jokes


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