A Poem about that Song

My vision went pink

the sun burnt my retinas

I’d love to think

I was better than her.


there’s still this thing I can’t get over


you remember that musician

the one with the phat rhythms

the one that was our soundtrack

now when it’s on I slip back

as you slipped out of that dressing gown

we were just messing ’round

as fingertips were pressing down

… fuck,

I’m digressing now

push it down

like back in class

holding it in but you had to laugh

or your warm skin contrast

to the dew of the morning grass


just like before Copernicus

convinced it all revolved around us

I remember kissing you on that

crowded bus

when that was a first for me

suddenly a screaming syzygy

so venomous, poison spreading

like a snake in the grass, slithering

torn asunder,

torn apart.

is it too cliché for me to say

it all happened too fast?


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