A Poem I Wrote on a Train

[A Valentine’s Poem for everyone who has shown me love.]

Floating, suspended unaware

inverted, unreachable

introverted and discursive

hardly felt like a whole person.

As branded hands of phantoms grappled from the deep

pressure pushes and pops, impossible to breathe.

Made up of cracks and fissures,

the light inside flickering like broken fixtures

I took a bow down to her highness

as it all went up my sinus

taking all my memory into minus.

Lost and confused like an epileptic synesthetic,

my perspective was hectic.

But you who were always there

clasped me tight by the hand

pulled me up through miles of viscous blackness and

held me close, taught my lungs again to intake air

as I lay on dry land.

From mourning to new mornings

you took me blinking and yawning into the light of a new day

I stood, my pallid skin warming, the rays absorbing.

Felt like I was living through Perspex,

so I got lost on my solo

getting into that YOLO flex.

But that’s just it, you only live once

and thanks to all of you I gave myself another chance.

To those of you I’ve lost, I’m sorry I pushed so much,

the rest of my life I’ll incur the cost of losing your trust.

Those of you still around, I love you with all my heart,

I thought my story had ended but you gave me a new start.

Although I knew we’re all alone and that’s forever,

now I see there’s something so beautiful about being alone together.


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