Together is Better

We push forward, fixed to our one-track path. The outside world flashes by, getting sucked into the past; taking with it my mind’s eye.

I think of you,

now you’re alone.

There were things I longed to do,

but I ran away to lead a life that is my own.

But what is life if singular?

There are many things that we are,

many that we should be;

with the right state of mind, many more that we could be.


is better]

I see your sadness, torn away from those you loved.

Thrown alone into a world, rinsed of trust.

I never once saw you sway, holding your demons at bay;

it kills me to see you this way:

engulfed and lost in sadness and pain

and the best I can do is write on a train,

about you.


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