Some poems I wrote for my ‘Powerful Texts’ Module portfolio. Feedback much appreciated.

An Ode To My Lungs

I’d like to start by thanking you, for everything you do.
Absorbing all that oxygen, expelling CO2.
You keep on pumping, despite all my abuse.
It was you or the smoking; we both knew what I’d choose.
It’s not that I don’t like you, I just can’t afford a vapouriser,
I brush my teeth twice a day, for my skin I use moisturiser,

with you it’s not that easy.

I know that you’re not happy,

it’s hard to sort out what’s inside me.
Now each breath is so crackly.
I should go to a doctor, but I know what they’ll say:
‘stop smoking! Your lungs, they’re wasting away!’
It used to be as easy as tying my laces,

it’s got to the point where I can’t breath on staircases.

For all that I’ve done, I’d like to give an apology.

When we’re dead and gone, let this be my eulogy.


Ketamine Carnage

In that crowded room,
amidst the familiar ketamine carnage.
You opened up and showed me what you’re made of.
I saw the blood on your hands,
marking tracks along my naked skin.
It stung my eyes.
You thanked me for staying,
assured me you weren’t a monster,
I nodded silently,
and I ran.
Like I promised

I wouldn’t.


Kept Safe

Imported pebbles clink under foot,

cold and awkward on warm bums.

Waves whoosh as seagulls soar

across the infinite stretch of peaceful blackness.

Music thuds, somewhere far away,

as two drunkards fight to be alpha male.

Lungs inhale, eyes close

now’s the time to be.

Crowded minds expand,

allowing room for busy thoughts.

Euphoria envelops cold souls

as we find our truth.

Silent smiles spread,

in the company of those

on a level without words.

I am

kept safe.


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