Some Uni Work

They came from the shires, on a Sunday afternoon. Hooded figures, shrouded in darkness, atop black horses with glaring, bloodshot eyes and brown spittle cascading from lolling tongues. They came from the past, like a bad memory that begs to be forgotten; women fainted, children cried and men’s knees buckled as the three dark shapes blotted out the sun and cast a shadow which engulfed the City. They came with archaic dogma enforcing divinity, tradition and prejudice. Their faces were pale, twisted and sagging from years of liminal existence, caught in the gap between the past and the present. The putrefying stench of bigotry and stale minds emanated from them like a thick cloud, which choked the arguments out of anyone who tried to oppose them. The masses looked on from a distance with baited breath, as one of the figures raised a gnarled hand and sharp, cracked knuckles with which he rapped three times upon the door marked with the number of our Leader.


They came from the shires

On a Sunday afternoon,

They came from the shires

With an unshakable view,

They came from the shires

To cause irreparable damage,

They came from the shires

To oppose gay marriage. 


I was set an assignment to produce a creative piece, inspired by a headline from the weekend. So, I watched the weekend news and there was a piece about Tory constituents from outside London that were coming with a petition to persuade David Cameron not to vote on the Gay Marriage Bill until after the next election, so as not to lose votes. The reporter said ‘They came from the Shires, on a Sunday afternoon,’ and I liked the way that sounded so I went with it.

Let me know what you think.


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