Another one about you.

It’s only ok the moment I wake up. When everything’s still fuzzy and I’m still not quite sure where I am. But those few seconds pass and the fact that you’re gone comes hurtling to the forefront of my mind and knocks me on my arse. I was fine before, but being in love made me crazy so it’s better you’ve gone. But that means you’re gone. I pushed you away, I’m sorry; I guess I always knew there was a reason I was never myself around you. I appreciate the time we had, I learnt and grew a lot. It’s just; I miss your face, your eyes, the way you used to look at me. I miss your lips whispering my name; the way your body felt against mine.

I have to get away, away from my thoughts of you. I don’t miss you as a whole, I just missed out on telling you everything and that’s so unfair; because now you’re fine and I’m here. 

I’ll deal with this, I’ll get stoned until everything’s ok; until I don’t care about what happened. I’ll get stoned until everything             

                              in my head


                          and then




I feel nothing for you.






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