Everything I Never Got To Say

You know what?

It’s fine that you don’t want this anymore, it really is.


Can I just say, what you never gave me the chance to?

Right at the beginning

I used to tell you that you didn’t have to say those sweet things,

Because you thought that’s what I wanted to hear,

There was no point.

I’d already slept with you!

I told you I thought you were getting ahead of yourself,

Perhaps confusing great sex with deeper feelings;

You got angry and told me you ‘mean what you say.’

You told me you loved me,

I told you that I was yours;

You told me you were mine.


You said we got too close,

It was too much of a relationship,

You didn’t like that we said ‘I love you’.

You said I was too quiet, whilst talking over me.

It was all too much and all my fault

But you instigated all of this.


It was just lucky for me that I never believed you.




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