It was never meant to be.
I never wanted it to be.
I just thought I did
I was distant, you could tell,
When you’d climb on top of me
And kiss,
And touch,
And push,
And thrust,
And growl,
And grunt,
And try,
I was never really there.
It was all I could do not to cry.
Cry out for my loss of innocence,
Cry out for this violation,
This invited violation.
It wasn’t your fault,
But mine.
And then you told me,
In that crowded room,
Full of so many familiar faces.
Opened up and showed me what you’re made of.
I saw the blood on your hands,
Marking tracks along my naked skin.
It stung my eyes,
It hurt my mind.
You thanked me for staying,
Assured me you weren’t a monster,
I nodded silently,
And I ran.
Like I promised I wouldn’t.

This is a first draft/attempt kind of thing, constructive criticism always welcome!


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